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The Paddling Spirit award

The Paddling Spirit award has been created to recognize those who have gone above and beyond the call to promote and encourage paddling and the protection and recreational use of our local waterways. Tonight we would like to present the first of these awards to a man who has labored long and gone largely unrecognized, sometimes criticized, but has always stuck to his principles in defending the Trinity River and the Great Trinity Forest.


The 1st Annual DDRC Paddle Spirit Award was given out to Charles Allen.

As some of us have traveled far and wide to find places to paddle, we have overlooked what was right in out own back yard. Charles did not. He saw the beauty and solitude that was right here on the Trinity in Dallas and makes his career sharing it with everyone. Charles has been the best and sometimes the only advocate for the Trinity River in the Dallas area. Whenever a call has come for input or advice for ways to improve access, recreation and the quality of the river itself, Charles has been there, ready to share his experience and opinions. His knowledge of the river and its wildlife is second to no one and he shares this on his guided river tours. He is single-handedly responsible for educating thousands of people who would otherwise know nothing of the Great Trinity Forest. For this and much more we honor him with this award.



Reel Paddling Film Festival - 2013 Paddling Spirit Award

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