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Trinity River Challenge 

The number of trophies awarded, up to Third Place for each Class / Boat category, will determined by the number of entrants.
Class / Boat categories, except Special Awards, with less than two entrants will be consolidated and announced before the race starts.
See Your Place In The Race page for detailed definitions.

Class Class No. Boat Division
Recreation 101 Solo Canoe (under 18' 6") Co-Ed
Recreation 102 Tandem Canoe (under 18' 6") Co-Ed
Recreation 104 Tandem Canoe (Junior Race under 18' 6") Co-Ed
Recreation 105 Tandem Canoe Junior/Adult( Junior Race under 18' 6") Co-Ed
Recreation 201 Solo Whitewater/Small Rec. Kayak (less that 10' 0") Co-Ed
Recreation 202 Solo Rec. Kayak (101" to 16'0") Co-Ed
Recreation 203 Solo Sea Kayak (under 18') Co-Ed
Recreation 204 Solo Touring Kayak (under 200") Co-Ed
Recreation 205 Tandem Kayak Co-Ed
USCA 301 USCA C1 (Junior, Adult and Master) Co-Ed
USCA 302 USCA C2 (Junior, Adult and Master) Co-Ed
USCA 303 USCA K1 (Junior, Adult and Master) Co-Ed
USCA 304 USCA K2 (Junior, Adult and Master) Co-Ed
USCA 305 USCA Unlimited (more than 2 paddlers)(Junior, Adult and Master) Co-Ed
USCA 306 USCA Unlimited SOLO (Junior, Adult and Master) Co-Ed
Specialty 401 Pedal Driven Kayak Co-Ed

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Special Awards (Rec Division)





Brian O. Lisle Trophy

Julie Basham Trophy

G.Eric Rounsefell Trophy
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Kayak Paddles


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